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At some stage in our lives we will all first hand witness the housing complexities that are faced by everyday Australians living with disabilities.

Currently, not by choice, but by circumstance, over 80,000 individuals nationwide under 40 are forced to live in group homes, in aged care facilities, or homes not appropriate to their needs. This is all because they lack the fundamental right of 'choice' in their lives.  Waiting lists are endless, houses are ill-equipped to support multiple disabilities, rehabilitation becomes too expensive and integration into everyday society seems almost impossible for some.


Aged care facilities are not equipped to adequately service young adults with disabilities. It should not come as news to you that AGED care facilities are designed to cater for the ELDERLY.

Social activities, entertainment, music, exercise and even diet understandably cater for the elderly.

While the majority of basic needs may be met, these living restrictions can lead to feelings of depression, loneliness, frustration and boredom and directly affect these individual’s quality of life. Independence and inclusion is what they really need and what we want to help them achieve. 

Due to lack of affordable, appropriate housing, the thousands of young adults living in aged care facilities across the country are powerless and have no choice or control of where or how they live their lives. We cannot stand by and let this happen. 

Ability Homes Australia Pty. Ltd. is here to make that change, but in order to do so, we need your support. Your support is what has got us to where we are today and will continue to help us change the lives of as many individuals as we possibly can. Commit your support today!  


To donate or volunteer your time, please click through the links below. 

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