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SDA represents the bricks and mortar that create the homes that we build to support the lives of those inside. It is specific accommodation designed to assist the needs of those that live there, and the security blanket that lets our extended families know that their loved ones are living in constant comfort and support. Our homes promote independence and privacy, whilst always providing a sense of belonging. Our modern designs support the lifestyle one desires, and coupled with the most up to date automated technologies throughout, our homes create a sense of ease for all that use them. 

Unique in our nature, our homes are built completely to an individual needs based model. All designs are set to the relevant principles outlined in the SDA Design Standards 2019 based on the design category each individual requires. In order for our houses to be considered homes, those that we are building for have direct input as to how they are designed and finished. Throughout the entirety of our processes, constant consultation with the individuals, their families, and their health, well-being and medical professionals is always sought to provide information about what the needs of the individual are, and how can we develop a home that best suits them. Our homes range from one bedroom apartments through to 4 bedroom houses and townhouses, across all locations throughout Australia. We are not restricted by location, nor by house size. 

Below is a typical flow chart of how our processes go:


Source Individual

Consult with individual, their family & all relevant parties

Source Location &


Design Home &

Source Investor

Construction Is 


Designs Assessed By 

SDA Consultant

Application to Register

as Disability Housing

Home is Furnished and

Special Modifications Installed

Individuals Move Into

Their New Homes

If you would like to know any further information about our processes and procedures, or would like to book a consultation to speak to one of our friendly staff, please feel free to contact us at any time on the link below.


Ability Homes Australia is always open to sharing and supporting all information with like minded individuals and companies that share similar values and goals to us. If this is you please use the link below and register your details.   

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