In most situations, before an individual with a disability is approved to received SDA funding by the NDIA, all avenues of accommodation must be explored to ensure that there isn't already accommodation available that suits that particular individual's needs. With a mix of both government and privately owned houses across the state, unsurety around private rentals, or the complex process involved in social housing applications often makes it hard to know where to start. You could sift for hours sifting through multiple websites, or register your interest with numerous different business, and still get know where.     

In partnership with your registered Support Coordinator, Ability Homes Australia can draw on our extensive range of experienced staff and their networks within multiple different housing and accommodation organisations across the state. Let us relieve the stress and  take care of this process for you. Services that we can assist you with are:

  • Assessment of Suitability (completed in conjunction with your allied health professional)  

  • Evaluation of Availability

  • Lease Agreement / Contract Assistance and Applications

  • Social Housing Applications

  • Overview Report to Support Your SDA Request (if no suitable accommodation is found) 

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