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Throughout life we are constantly surrounded by choices that dictate how, where and why we live it. We choose what job we pursue, what clothes we wear and who we surround ourselves with. We choose where we live, what sport we play, and where we go for fun, all because this is our fundamental right.  

Thousands of us are not so lucky. What if you didn't have this choice? What if you were born with, or over time, developed a disability that affected your ability to make such choices?  Should you be disadvantaged?  

We here at Ability Homes Australia are here to help support these people and create independence by offering individuals with complete choice. Choice of where you live or who you live with, choice of how your home is designed and built, choice of who provides your care, because at the end of the day, who else should control your life but you?      

Founded in 2016, Ability Homes Australia was created with one sole purpose. To increase the quality of life and independence of those currently living in inappropriate, unaffordable, ill-equipped houses, not designed to suit their needs. With a increasing lack of infrastructure support and choice of accommodation facilities across the country, individuals are being forced to live a life of isolation, practically institutionalised, as their fundamental right of choice simply isn't available. We here at Ability Homes Australia are here to make that change.

Our founding partners have extensive experience within the disability, construction and finance sectors combining their knowledge and passion to create what is a much needed support platform for individuals, their families, and the disability sector as a whole. This enthusiasm is only bolstered by our compassion and commitment to the cause, as we pledge to change the lives of an many individuals and their families as we possibly can.   


In association with the industries leading professionals in disability, construction, health, and finance, we have created an business model that allows us to support the flexibility and choice the sector needs whilst providing the market with a very attractive means of property investment. This is all before we even mention the great sense of social justice and community commitment attached to our cause. With higher then market rental yields, long term rental security, and an individual refurbishment and maintenance fund for each property, our homes boast the security and support like no other investment option, and the welcoming feeling every home provides.     



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