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Unique in our nature and approach, all of our projects are designed and constructed to be all about the individual or group that is set to reside in our homes. We are based on the philosophy that you cannot mould a disability to fit to a home, but you can certainly mould a home to fit to a disability. Our projects are designed and constructed with the intention of creating a purpose built, affordable and accessible home for as long as the individual or group requires it. We do not have set templates, nor set designs, for any of our projects as we are firm believers that every project we commence must cater for the needs of individual. In order to do this, we must be as flexible as possible, but most importantly, every project must start with an individual in mind.   

If you have a need for SDA housing and would like to register your interest in one of our projects, or would like any further information on anything you have read today, please feel free to contact us at any stage on the links below.  

Below is a list of the regions that SDA is currently available in, and the dates as to when it will progress into each respective region. For further information around the roll-out please refer to the NDIS website.


Loddon - EOI's Open

Goulburn - EOI's Open

Inner Gippsland - EOI's Open

Mallee - EOI's Open

Outer Gippsland - EOI's Open

Ovens & Murray - EOI's Open

Wimmera South West - EOI's Open


Bayside Peninsula - EOI's Open

Brimbank Melton - EOI's Open

Hume Moreland - EOI's Open

Inner Eastern Melb. - EOI's Open

Outer Eastern Melb. - EOI's Open

Southern Melb. - EOI's Open

Western Melb. - EOI's Open


AHA is a nationally registered SDA provider with capacity and capability of developing in all states of Australia. Where possible, we like to use local trades to support the local economy.

We are accepting EOI's nationwide.

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