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Our mission is to change the lives of those in need. To create fun, loving, supportive environments, that not only become a persons home, but provide a sustainable future for the disability community as a whole.

Creating quality and accessible homes in Australia

We are a dedicated Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider that focuses on the sourcing, designing, development and investment of quality homes for people with disabilities. Driven by a need for change and a lack of purpose built infrastructure, we were created solely to support independence, promote community inclusion and increase the quality of life for those individuals in need.

Recognised non-for-profit Australian charity

We are a fully registered ACNC charity in Australia.

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Designed specifically for the individual

Every home is different or unique in some facet. We cater our homes specifically to the needs of the individual.

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Supporting you every step of the way

Here to support you every step of the way, from finding a home to maintaining it.

Your donation can go a long way

AHA is a fully registered ACNC charity in Australia. This means that any donations you provide are completely tax deductible, and all proceeds we receive directly contribute to helping build and bigger and better future for all.

Get involved

Whether you are wanting to invest, volunteer or provide corporate support, find out how you can help Ability Homes Australia.


Get involved

With higher than market rental yield, long term rental surety and individual refurbishment and maintenance funds added to yearly, we are offering investors a chance to not only increase your property portfolio with an excellent opportunity, but a chance to really change the life of someone 
in need.

Volunteer now

Volunteers are an essential part of any community based organisations aimed at protecting and developing the interests of individuals with disabilities.

People to help with fundraising, to facilitate outings, or to coordinate events are such examples where volunteers are needed.

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Corporate support

Corporate partnerships are integral to the development and success of our program. We are always looking to build and expand on our current partnerships as we attempt to offer each resident with as much choice and variety in the services they require.

We are always open to  expert knowledge and advice and can only get this from the development of strong quality partnerships.


21/6-7 Seaside Parade, North Shore, VIC, 3214

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